RSE Virtual Workshop Series: Boost Patient Engagement With ICH CAHPS
Series Presenters and Coaches 


Naveena Reddy, MBA, MS, RD

President, Palmarius Consulting

  • Has over 20 years of experience in improving processes, developing and managing patient programs, and in staff development.
  • 10 years experience in dialysis industry in corporate role  
  • Maintains track record of over a 90% success rate with patient program development.
  • Managed programs that decreased mortality rate in new dialysis patients to 10th of baseline, tripled the patient census of home programs, and other positive results
  • Presenter at national level Nephrology Symposia and published author in nephrology magazine.



Charles Coe, MSN, HCSM, RN, CNN

Consultant, Palmarius Consulting

  • 33 years of experience within the ESRD space
  • 28 years of leadership experience with work in LDO’s, Free Standing ESRD Facilities, Hospital Based Programs (pediatric & adult), and Hospital Leadership
  • Developed hospital wide HCAHPS improvement processes in several institutions with proven, sustainable results
  • Competencies in Interpersonal Relationships, Relational Leadership, Change Management, and Professional Education
  • Content Contributor with ANNA Core Curriculum, ANNA, Pitman NJ, 2019