Benchmarking Tool

RSE Benchmarking Tool

National Cost & Quality Benchmarking Reports 

The RSE Benchmarking Tools were developed in conjunction with data partner, Prima Health Analytics. These reports are a comprehensive set of industry financial and clinical/quality benchmarks, including virtually 100% of the dialysis facilities in the U.S. These reports are updated periodically throughout the year to offer the most current data available. 

The May 2024 Release is Now Available!

With this 1st release of the 2024 RSE Cost and Quality Benchmarking Reports, users will have

  • An updated look at 2022 cost report data, including 7,747 cost reports
  • Updated dialysis organization affiliation mappings for all facilities included in the reports
  • New clinical and operational metrics for 2022 from the FY2024 Dialysis Facility Reports, and for the 12-months ending June 2023 from the April 2024 release of the Dialysis Facility Care Compare data set

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