RSE - PPS Calculator

RSE ESRD PPS Calculator

The RSE ESRD PPS Calculator is designed to show monthly payments and costs. Users can reconcile actual Medicare payments via the calculator to ensure they are being reimbursed appropriately.

Developed by Mark Stephens of Prima Analytics, this valuable business tool provides key reports such as monthly facility revenue, cost and profit analysis, case-mix analysis, and a three-year forecast.

New in Q1 2022 Update
In addition to updating all supporting data and payment factors to the most recent year, the following enhancements have been implemented:

  1. Provision to estimate payments for the Capital Related Assets Adjustment (CRA) for the Transitional Add-on Payment Adjustment for New and Innovative Equipment and Supplies (TPNIES) for patients using the Tablo home hemodialysis system.
  2. Provision for TDAPA payments for Korsuva™ (difelikafalin).
  3. Provision for estimating the facility's ETC Performance Payment Adjustment percentage for July-December 2022 (the first payment adjustment period under the ETC model). 

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Learn more about how to use this tool to benefit their facility by viewing a previously recorded webinar on Education Station.  

This tool is updated periodically to reflect the most recent industry data set.